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Agyaatvaas Comes to an End-1

There is a great importance of vows and promises in Mahaabhaarat. Here they are not to be broken that is why almost all characters are tied to one or the other vow or promise. Besides, a great care is taken while blessing somebody. Who is to be blessed, and how, it is very important.

Ulook  ( Shakuni's son) came to see his father to Hastinaapur from Gaandhaar and asked him whether he still remembered Gaanhaar and when he could go back to Gaandhaar. Shakuni said to him - "I remember Gaandhaar very much, but I cannot go there at this time. I am in preparation to take revenge of my that insult which Bheeshm did long time ago by asking my beautiful sister Gaandhaaree for his blind nephew Dhritraashtra and because of which I want to destroy the whole Kuru family.

He further said - "Since we have not been able to identify Paandav during their Agyaatvaas period, it is certain that there will be a war, and it is not only war but a Great War (Mahaa Yuddh). Although nobody knows the result of that war but at least my dream will be fulfilled that Kuru family will be destroyed in such a way that no male will remain alive at the end of war to continue that family." He continued - "That Gangaa-Putra Bheeshm didn't do good to propose his blind nephew Dhritraashtra for my so beautiful sister." Hearing this Ulook returned to Gaandhaar.

Karn Tells Drone About His Shaap

When Karn was young his father Adhirath took him to Drone for weapon education, but at that time Drone had refused to accept him as his disciple saying that his Gurukul (school) was for princes and Kshatriya only. The then he saw Ashwatthaamaa in his Gurukul, he asked him - "Who is this young man?" "He is my son." "This means that neither he is prince nor Kshatriya." and he came back without receiving education from him. On the basis of this past incident, once Karn asked Drone - "Are you of this opinion that a Soot-Putra has no right on education?" Drone said - "No, This is not true. Everybody has full and equal right on education, but in which Rang Shaalaa you came, it was only of princes." Karn said - "Well, I have come to tell you only this that when the war will take place, because Duryodhan has not been able to identify Paandav during Agyaatvaas period so there will surely be a war, I will ask you that "who is the best archer? Arjun or me?"

He also told Drone that although he was trained by Parashuraam, but he bagged a curse also from him and he was living with that curse. He said - "In fact that Shaap was given indirectly by you only (read the story of the Shaap here). And this may also be possible that my Guru's Shaap can save Arjun's life."

Drone said - "This language is of a Kshatriya." Karn said - "You are talking about my language, my Guru talked about my tolerance power at that time. Then Karn remembered that incident of Shaap and he lost in those thoughts. Drone asked - "Where are you Karn?" Karn said - "I was with my Guru. The Darshan of Guru is a kind of Aaraadhanaa (worship). As there is no caste of mother and father, in the same way Guru also has no caste. And even Bhagavaan Himself has no caste. Father, mother and Guru may be good or may not be good, but still they all are respectable. Therefore I will go to take blessings of my father, mother and Guru before I go to war. You also put the armor of your blessings on Arjun's body."


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