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Karn's Dream
From MBH Serial

When Rishi Lomash came to the Earth from Swarg, he brought a message from Indra to Yudhishthir only - "I know that you are always afraid of Karn for your brother Arjun, because he is a better archer, but you don't worry, I will take care of that after Arjun returns on Prithvi." Yudhishthir did not tell this to anybody.

It happened so, that during the Agyaatvaas (incognito) year of Paandav, one night when Karn was sleeping, Soorya Dev, his father visited him in his dream in disguise of a Braahman and said - "Listen to me O Karn, you have taken the vow that whoever would come to you at midday time, you will give him anything he may ask for. Taking advantage of this vow, Indra will come to you in disguise of a Braahman and will ask your Kavach and Kundal. Do not give them to him. Your Kundal were given to you by someone who got them from Aditi, for your special protection. I will not tell you who gave you them because I am not allowed to speak about it. If you will separate your Kundal from your body, your life will be shortened. And your Kavach is an armor against your fate itself. No one can defeat you as long as you have them on your body. Both have been dipped in Amrit. If you value your life, you must protect these two."

Karn was touched by Braahman's speech, he said - "You seem to love me very much. No one else has showed me such love except my mother Raadhaa. You don't look an ordinary Braahman also who is telling me my future. Then who are you? I have no interest in my life." Then Soorya Dev said - "I am Soorya. I love you very much. I do not want you to be defeated by your enemies, that is why I have come to warn you. Do as I say." 

Karn fell on his feet and said - "You are my Dev, I do not worship any other Devtaa except you. You have come to warn me about Indra that he would ask my Kavach and Kundal. Hey Dev, You have been watching me for years that when you are at zenith, I worship you, and after that I wait for someone to ask me anything, and I give that to him. I took this vow when "Soot-Putra" word followed me everywhere I went. I thought I would obtain knowledge and fame on my own. I learned archery from the greatest archer but it became useless because I am a Soot-Putra. But this vow gave me great satisfaction and brought Punya. I feel happy when I give something to somebody. The dearer the thing the greater the happiness. I am prepared to give up my life too if I am asked to. I have never loved my life so I don't mind it giving away also.

I always wanted a good name. If I will refuse to give anything to Indra what he wanted, my fame will also die. I do not want that. Rather I will consider myself fortunate to give something to the killer of Vritraasur, if he comes as a beggar. I have always loved fame. A man who has earned fame lives in Heavens. I will protect my name more than my life. I will give him whatever he will ask for."

Soorya said - "I love you so much that is why I ask you once again not to do this foolish thing. What will you do of fame which you cannot enjoy, because you will be dead. Do not give away your life to Paandav. I wish I could tell you why I am so upset at the thought of your death. I can only ask you not to give Kavach and Kundal which were given to you by a god who loves you like his own life. You can fulfill your only desire, that is to kill Arjun, only when you have these two things. If you have them, then no one, not even Indra, Rudra or Vishnu, can harm you."

Karn said - "It seems that you love me really very much. I do not know my father, I have not seen my mother, she abandoned me as soon as I was born. You are my Dev, I can do anything to please you, yet I am unable to obey you. I have never feared anything except "lying". I cannot lie to myself. Please bless me that I can fulfill my vow tomorrow."

Soorya Dev said - "Nothing could move you from the path of righteousness. You are even greater than Yudhishthir who is the other person who will also prefer to die rather than give up his Dharm. Then at least do one thing, when you have given your Kavach and Kundal to Indra, ask him his Shakti (power) that will make up to your armor to a certain extent." After saying this Soorya Dev went away, and Karn woke up. He could not sleep any more, he was thinking about his dream, he just waited for the morning to break.


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