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Marutt's Story Continues..

Samvart asked - "Who told you about me? If you want that I should do good to you tell me this correctly. And if you will tell a lie your head will be broken into hundred pieces." Marutt said - "Naarad Jee told me that you are the son of our family priest." Samvart said - "Yes, You are telling me the truth. He knows about me, but where is he now?" Marutt replied - "After giving me this information, he has entered fire." Samvart got satisfied, then he said - "I am a little out of my mind, I want to do things as I like, then why do you want me to do this sacrifice? My brother is more able to do all this. He has taken my all Vidyaa to do this. He is respectable to me, so I cannot officiate you at the sacrifice until I get permission from him. If you wish that I should officiate you, then first go to him, get permission and then come back to me, then only I can do it."

Samvart said - "I went there but he refused to officiate me because Indra is jealous with me, lest I become his rival after becoming the Lord of earth. Now I wish to spend whatever I have and do this sacrifice to outstrip Indra with the help of your meritorious offices. Since he has already refused me, I have no desire to go to him again." Samvart said - "I am ready to become your pries on the condition that you will do whatever I will say. But I am afraid that when Indra will hear this, he will be angry and may injure you. So you assure me to be cool with me, because if i will be angry, I will reduce you to ashes." Marutt said - "I swear, If I ever go against you, I may never attain blessed regions and I will be wandering in worldly pursuits for ever." Samvart said - "I have made up my mind, I will do this sacrifice for you, and you shall be the Lord over all celestials and Gandharv. I myself have no desire for anything except whatever my brother and Indra do not want it.

Marutt further said - "There is a Moonj Van (Shar Van or the reed forest) on one of the peaks where Shankar and Paarvatee are busy in austerities. There live others also - Rudra, Saadhya, Vasu, Yam Raaj, Varun, Kuber, spirits, Ashwinee Kumaar, all sorts of evil spirits to worship Mahaadev. That mountain shines like morning Sun with its own splendor and nobody with mortal eyes can ascertain its shape. There is no cold, no heat, no Sun shines there, no hunger, no thirst, no death, no fear, no affliction. Around that mountain there are mines of gold. Kuber's attendants always gurd them with uplifting arms. There lives that god who is known as - Sarv, Vedh, Rudra, Sitikanth, Surap, etc etc names. You go there, submit yourself to Shiv and acquire that gold from there." Marutt did the same and made the superhuman arrangements for the sacrifice. Everything was made of gold. Hearing this Brihaspati got very sad and distressed. As Indra came to know about Brihaspati, he immediately went to see him and said.

Indra said - "Why are so sad, O Braahman? Who have troubled you, tell me so that I can kill them all." Brihaspati said - "I have heard that Marutt is doing a sacrifice in which special gifts will be given to Braahman. Samvart will be his priest, I desire that he should not officiate in that sacrifice." Indra said - "By being the celestial's priest you have acquired everything, tell me what Samvart can do to you?" Brihaspati said - "Prosperity of rival is always painful so do whatever you can to stop Marutt and Samvart."

Indra immediately called Agni Dev and sent him to Marutt saying - "Go O Jaatved to Marutt and tell him that Brihaspati is ready to officiate you in your sacrifice." Agni Dev went to Marutt devastating all forests and trees like wind, roaring and revolving at the end of the winter season. As Marutt saw Agni Dev he said to Samvart - I can see Agni Dev coming, please offer him a seat, water to wash his feet and a cow." Agni Dev said - "I accept everything. I have come to you as a messenger of Indra, so listen to what I have to say to you. Indra is very pleased with you. He allows you to have Brihaspati as your priest and make you immortal."

Marutt said - "Samvart is going to be my priest for this sacrifice. It doesn't look nice to accept the priesthood of a mortal man." Agni Dev said - "If Brihaspati will officiate you then you will win all the kingdoms inhabited by human beings and entire kingdom of Devtaa." Samvart said - "Never come again here with the proposal of Brihaspati to be Marutt's priest otherwise I will lose my temper and burn you with my fierce evil eyes."

Vyaas Jee said - "Agni Dev returned to Indra trembling with fear. Indra said to him in front of Brihaspati - "Did you give my message to Marutt? What did he say?" Agni Dev said - "He did not agree for it." Indra said - "You go again and give my message otherwise I will hit him with my Vajra." Agni Dev said - "Send this king of Gandharv there, I will not go there again because I am afraid of Samvart. He will burn me if I go there again." Indra said - "You burn all things in the world, who else can burn you? You are talking nonsense. Nobody can live with my enmity." Agni Dev said - "Even Vritraasur was over you. When Chyavan performed a sacrifice for Sharyaati, Ashwinee Kumaar got the Som Ras and when you hit Chyavan by your Vajra, he held it by hand and created an Asur named Mad. You got afraid of him and went in the shelter of Muni. Braahman are more powerful than Kshatriya, so I do not desire to go direct conflict with Samvart." 

Indra said - "I know that. O Dhritraashtra, You go with my message." Vyaas Jee said - "So Dhritraashtra went and told the same message to Marutt. Marutt said - "Let Brihaspati act as the priest of Devtaa, Samvart will act as my priest." Dhritraashtra said - "Are you listening the roars of his coming?" Marutt said to Samvart - "Please save me from Indra's fear." Samvart said - "You need not to fear at all. You desire for a boon and it will be fulfilled." Marutt said - "I wish that Indra should come to this sacrifice in person along with other Devtaa and accept the oblations offered to them." Marutt said - "See, Indra is coming here on his horses along with other Devtaa."

Marutt rose to his feet with his priest, welcomed and honored all Devtaa and offered them Som Ras. Marutt said - "Today I am blessed. Younger brother of Brihaspati is officiating me to perform this sacrifice." Indra said "I know him. I am very pleased with you. and my anger is gone." Samvart said - "If you are really pleased then give all the directions yourself,  and ordain the sacrificial portions so that all should know that this comes from you." Indra did that. A great sacrificial place was built speedily with 1,000 well-furnished rooms and strong staircases. Indra himself assisted at the sacrifice. Lots of gold was distributed to Braahman. King also collected lots of wealth and continued to rule his kingdom, so you also go there and collect gold and perform the sacrifice."

Hearing Vyaas Yudhishthir consulted his ministers regarding performing sacrifice."


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