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Duryodhan and Dhritrashtra (Glory of Yudhishthir)-2

[2-53] Dhritraashtra said- "My son, You are my eldest son, born from my eldest wife. (From Dhritraashtra's this statement, it is clear that he had more than two wives.] Whoever is jealous is prone to death soon. Yudhishthir does not deceive. He also has the similar wealth as yours but he is not jealous of you. Besides you are equal to Yudhishthir with regard to friends and foes, then why do you get jealous with him? Do not grieve, and if you are jealous with his Yagya, then we can arrange Sapt Tantu Yagya for you too? Kings will bring such wealth for you too. Being jealous seeing other's wealth is a mean thing for a noble man. Only those people are happy who are contented. Do not eye on other's wealth, preserve your own this is the quality of great people. It is a great sin to quarrel with friends. You both are the children of the same people. Whatever you can, give in charity on occasions and have peace."

[2-54] Duryodhan said - "Who is not intelligent and who has just heard many things, cannot understand the real meaning of scriptures, as the spoon cannot understand the taste of the food. You know many things, but you are confusing me. You are a man of wisdom, you have heard to many, your senses are under our control, I pray, do not confuse us who are looking after our interests. Brihaspati has said that a king's needs are different from an ordinary man, so he should look after his needs differently. Discontentedness is the root of prosperity, that is why, O King, I wish to be discontented. Who wishes to be more prosperous is truly political. Nobody should be attached to wealth and affluence. Once Shukra cut the head of Namuchi during the period of peace, because he did not agree with Shukra.

Nobody is anybody's foe by nature, he is only one's foe, and not of anybody else, because he is in the same area. Who always wishes to increase his wealth, he always shines among his relatives. I have nt made my own wealth yet, that is why I am in doubt of my ability; and I have intended to remove this doubt. Either I will take their wealth or I will destroy myself in battle. [You can think of] when my mind's condition is like this how can I care for my life? Paandav's wealth is increasing day by day, while ours is not."

[2-55] At this Shakuni said - "I will snatch Paandav's that prosperity seeing which you are jealous. Invite Yudhishthir, I will throw the dice and take away his all wealth like a skilful player as he is unskilled in the game. O King, that betting is my bow and dice are my arrows, and marks on the dice are the bow string, and dice board is my chariot." Duryodhan said - "Shakuni is ready to take Yudhishthir's wealth through playing dice, give him permission." Dhritraashtra said - "I will obey the advice of my brother Vidur, so let me ask him, what does he say about this."

Duryodhan said - "Vidur always favor Paandav, he will never advice you to do this. One should never depend upon other's mind, because two people's minds are never the same about a certain thing." Dhritraashtra said - "I do not like the ideas of hostility to others. Hostility bring the change of feelings which is equal to a weapon although it is not made of iron. Whatever you are going to do will result in war, and if once it begins, it will end only in swords and arrows." Duryodhan said - "Old people have invented the dice and there is no fear of war in this, so you should permit for it and an assembly house. After this game Paandav will be equal to you, so gamble with Paandav." Dhritraashtra said - "I do not like your words, do whatever you like, but note, that you will have to repent for your actions, because such immortality can never bring happiness in future. Vidur has already foreseen it. Destruction of Kshatriya is going to come by fate."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Dhritraashtra thinking the fate as stronger than will and unavoidable, told in loud voice to build an assembly house, the most beautiful, crystal-arched palace, with 1,000 columns, decked with gold and lapis lazuli, with 100 gates, and full two mile in length and breadth." By the order of he King the assembly hall was soon built soon and its completion was reported to him. Dhritraashtra then called Vidur and asked him to go to Khaandav Prasth and bring Yudhishthir as soon as possible. he should come with his brothers, see our assembly hall and let the friendly match should begin there."

[2-56] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Knowing the fate inevitable, the King Dhritraashtra did what his son said to him. Vidur did not approve his brother's idea and said to him - "I do not agree with you, do not do this. It will destroy our race. What I feel that by this game your children will lose their unity and a quarrel will take place." Dhritraashtra said - "If fate is against me, then this quarrel will not affect me. Everything happens at His will, nothing is free, that is why Hey Vidur, you go to Khaandav Prasth and bring Yudhishthir as soon as possible."


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