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Kuntee Gets Sons

[1-123] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "When Gaandhaaree's conception was full one year old, then Kuntee invoked Dharm Raaj to get a son from him. She repeated recitation the Mantra Muni Durvaasaa gave it to her. Dharm Raaj came and asked her "What should I give to you, O Kuntee?" Kuntee smiled and said to him - "You must give me a child." Then Kuntee was united with Dharm Raaj in his spiritual form and got a son from him. He came in the 8th Muhoort named Abhijit, at the hour of noon, when the Jyeshthaa star was with Moon Ascendant, on the 5th of Kaarttik Shukla. As he was born, an Aakaashvaanee said - "He will be the foremost among virtuous. He will rule the Earth. This first child of Paandu will be known as Yudhishthir. He will be a famous king known in three worlds."

KMG's translation writes "at the eighth Muhurta called Abhijit, of the hour of noon of that very auspicious day of the seventh month (Kartika), viz., the fifth of the lighted fortnight, when the star Jyeshtha in conjunction with the moon was ascendant." According to Hindu Moon calendar, Kaarttik is the 8th month, not the 7th. So what is the mistake here - of month or the number of month?

Paandu said - "Wise have said - "If somebody has no physical strength, he is not a Kshatriya, so now you get a son who is physically mighty." Kuntee then invoked Pavan Dev. Pavan Dev came in person riding on a deer and asked her what did she want from him. Kuntee smiled in modesty, and said - "Give me a child with great energy and physical strength who can shatter pride of everybody." Pavan Dev then gave her a boy who later was named as Bheemsen. When he was born, an Aakaashvaanee said - "This child will be the most powerful in the world." And there was another incident after his birth. He fell from his mother's lap, Kuntee got frightened, but the most wonderful thing was that rock on which he fell was broken into pieces, but the child was not hurt at all. Seeing this Paandu wondered a lot. Why he fell down? Kuntee got frightened hearing the sound of a tiger, so she got up in hurry forgetting that she had the baby in her lap, The baby fell down and broke the rock. Paandu got very surprised to see this. And it so happened that the day Bheeem was born, Duryodhan, who became the ruler of the Earth, was also born on the same day.

After getting Bheem as his son, Paandu thought to have a son who will be superior to all and of world fame. Everything depends on Earth on Destiny and Exertion, but the Destiny can never be successful without timely Exertion. Indra is the chief of Devtaa. If I could please him with my penance, I can get a son of great strength from him. He should be superior to all and should vanquish all in battle. I shall do penance for him. He took the advice of learned Braahman. They asked Kuntee to observe vow for one full year and he himself also stood on one leg from morning till evening to please Indra. After a long time Indra got pleased and said to Paandu - "I will give you a son whose fame will spread all over. He will be the delight of all the people of your family and kinsmen. He will kill many enemies." So Paandu said to Kuntee - "Your prayers are heard. The King of Devtaa is pleased and he is ready to give us a son who will be of superhuman achievements. Invoke now Indra and get a son from him. he will be extremely handsome too."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "So Kuntee invoked Indra and got a son from him who was later named Arjun." As he was born, an Aakaashvaanee said distinctly so that everybody could hear it in the Aashram - "O Kuntee, Your this child will be equal to Kaartveerya in energy and Shiv in prowess. He will defeat many kings, including Madra, Kuru, Somak, Chedi, Kaashee, Karoosh, and prosper the family. He will give joy to his family. He will gratify Agni Dev by burning Khaandav forest. He will perform three great sacrifices with his brothers. He will be like Vishnu or Jamadagni. He will gratify Shankar in battle and will receive Paashupat Astra from him. He will kill Nivaatkavach named Daitya also who are enemies of Devtaa."

Kuntee was hearing all this while lying in her room. Drums were beaten, and flowers were showered by Devtaa. Sons of Kadroo, Vinataa, seven Rishi (Bharadwaaj, Kashyap, Gautam, Vishwaamitra, Jamadagni, Vashishth and Atri), Apsaraa, Gandharv, great Rishi all went there. Many great Apsaraa - Anuchanaa, Anavadyaa, Gunamukhya, Gunaavara, Adrikaa, Somaa, Mishrakeshee, Alambooshaa, Mareechi, Shuchikaa, Vidyutparnaa, Tilottamaa, Ambikaa, Lakshmanaa, Kshemaa Devee, Rambhaa, Manoramaa, Asitaa, Subaahu, Supriyaa, Subahpuh, Pundareek, Sugandhaa, Surasaa, Pramaadinee, Kaamyaa, Shaaradwatee - all danced together. And Menakaa, Sahanjayaa, Parnikaa, Punjikaasthalaa, Ritusthalaa, Ghritaachee, Vishwaachee, Poorvchitti, Umlochaa, Pramlochaa, Urvashee - these 11 Apsaraa came there and sang in chorus. Dhaataa, Aryamaa, Mitra, Varun, Bhag, Indra, Vivaswat, Pooshaa, Twashtaa, Savitaa, Parjanya, and Vishnu - these 12 Aaditya came to pray Arjun.

And Mrigvyaadh, Sarp, Nirriti, Ajaikpaad, Ahirbudhnya, Pinaakin, Dahan, Eeshwar, Kapaalin, Sthaanu and Bhag - all 11 Rudra also came there. Twins Ashwin, 8 Vasu, mighty Marut, Vishwedev, Saadhya also came there. Karkotak, Vaasuki, Kachchhap, Kund, and Takshak also came there. Taarkshya, Arishtnemi, Garud, Asitdhwaj and many other Naaag also came there. Arun of Vinataa' son also came there. Only the great Rishi saw those celestials sitting in their Vimaan. Seeing this their love for Paandu's children increased greatly.

Paandu was still not satisfied, so he asked Kuntee to have more children. Kuntee said - "Even wise men do not allow the fourth delivery even in the times of distress. The woman having relationship with the four different man is called Swaaarinee and relationship with the fifth man is called Bandhakee. When you know all Dharm, then why do you ask me such a thing?"

Maadree Gets a Twins

[1-124] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After the birth of Kuntee's sons and Dhritraashtra's 100 sons, Maadree spoke to Paandu in private - "I am not complaining for your behavior to me, I am also not complaining for, that although I am superior by birth to Kuntee but junior in status. I do not even grieve that Gaandhaaree has 100 sons, but since Kuntee and I are equal, I am childless. If Kuntee desires she can oblige me also. Since she is my co-wife, I feel hesitation asking this favor from her. If you feel all right, ask her to grant my desire." Paandu said - "I was thinking upon this matter for sometime, but I was hesitant to talk to you, but since you have expressed your desire, I will talk to Kuntee and I am sure she will not refuse me."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "So Paandu again expressed his desire to Kuntee to have more children on the account of having more children, gaining fame and funeral cake. This time he asked her to help Maadree to get children. Kuntee readily agreed to do this, so she told Maadree to think about any Devtaa she would like have children like that. Maadree thought about Ashwinee Kumaar. They came immediately and gave her a twin sons - Nakul and Sahadev of incomparable beauty. And as soon as they were born, an Aakaashvaanee said - "These children will even be superior to Ashwinee Kumaar. Their energy and beauty will illuminate the whole region." 

After all children were born, Rishi performed their preliminary Sanskaar. Kuntee's sons were called Yudhishthir, Bheemsen, and Arjun and Maadree's sons were called Nakul and Sahadev. These sons were born with the interval of one year from the previous one. Paandu and Rishi living on that mountain were very happy to have those children there. They soon became the favorites to Rishi and their wives.

One day, Paandu again requested Kuntee on behalf of Maadree. At this Kuntee said to Paandu - "By my Mantra, Maadree has managed to get two sons. Have I not been deceived by her? Now she will soon surpass me in number of children. That is what these wicked women do. I was a fool to give her that Mantra. I did not know that I could have two children in one time. Please now don't tell me anything any more. Grant me this boon."

Thus all children, Paandu's and Dhritraashtra's, started growing like lotus flowers.

Paandu Dies

[1-125] Vaishampaayan jee said - "Seeing his five sons growing up, one day when spring season was on its peak, Paandu went to forest with Maadree just for strolling. He saw the whole forest bloomed with flowers and heard birds singing all around. Maadree was with him in her semi-transparent clothes. Seeing young Maadree like this, Paandu's desire flared up like jungle fire. He held her against her will. Although she opposed it with all her efforts, but Paandu forgot everything. Impelled by his fate, he embraced her and as he made love with her, he died. Maadree started crying loudly holding his body in her arms. Hearing her cries, Kuntee came there along with her and Maadree's children. Maadree said weeping - "You come here alone, O Kuntee, and leave the children alone there only."

Kuntee ran alone to Maadree and saw both of them lying on the ground. She understood everything, she said - "I took great care of this for all this time. How could he forget Rishi's Shaap? He should have been protected by you. Why did you tempt him in a lonely place? He used to be always sad remembering Rishi's Shaap, how could he become happy in your company? O Princess of Baalheek, You are more fortunate than me because you have seen his happy face." Maadree replied - "Dear Sister, I tried my best to stop him, but he could not hold back his emotions as id Rishhi's curse was coming to be true."

Kuntee said - "I am the elder wife that is why I have the rights of chief religious merit. Please do  not stop me to follow him. I must follow him. Rise up Maadree, and give his body to me. You rear these children and I will go with him." Maadree said - "He is still in my arms, I have not left him, so let me go with him. You are my older sister, please allow me to go with him. I am not yet satisfied with him, so please allow me to go with him. he is still unsatisfied, should I not follow him up to the Yam Lok to gratify him? If I will live, it is certain that I will not be able to bring up your children as mine; but you will be able to do so. You will certainly be able to bring up my children as your own, so please let me go with him. I have no other direction to give to you."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "And she ascended the pyre of her husband.

[1-126] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Seeing the death of Paandu like this, Rishi consulted each other that he had left his family under their care. So they thought to hand over them to Bheeshm and Dhritraashtra. They left for Hastinaapur with Kuntee, her five children, and the two dead bodies. On arriving at Kurujaangal, Rishi asked the guards to inform the King. The guards informed the King immediately and people started coming to see them in thousands. Bheeshm, Somdatt, Baahleek, Dhritraashtra, Vidur, Satyavatee, Ambaalikaa, Gaandhaaree, all came out. One hundred sons of Dhritraashtra also came with them. Bheeshm worshipped the Rishi who brought them there.

The oldest of those Rishi said - "As you know that Paandu was living in the forest abandoning everything of pleasure. He had adopted Brahmcharya, but Devtaa must have thought some other plan, for him, so this eldest son, Yudhishthir, was begotten by Dharm Raaj himself. He got this second son, Bheem, from Pavan Dev and the third son, Arjun, from Indra Dev. And these twin children are of Maadree from Ashwinee Kumaar. Thus Paandu extended his father's family line. Paandu died 17 days ago. Maadree ascended his pyre herself. Perform their rites as you consider appropriate. These are the poertions of their bodies. These are the children with their mother. Receive them with honor. After completion of the first Shraaddh of the dead, let Paandu be settled formally among the Pitri."

Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "After saying this those ascetics just disappeared from their sight and people also went away to their homes."


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