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Genealogy-2: Dushyant to Puru-2

[1-95] Janamejaya said - "Hey Brahman, I heard the history of my ancestors, but I am not yet satisfied, so please tell me from Manu." Vaishampaayan Jee said - Daksh had the daughter Aditi and Aditi had the son named Vivaswat.

Vivaswat had the son Manu
Manu had the son Haa
Haa had the son Pururavaa
Pururavaa had the son Aayu
Aayu had the son Nahush
Nahush had the son Yayaati -
Yayaati had two wives - Devayaanee (Shukra's daughter) and Sharmishthaa (Vrishparvaa's daughter). Devayaane had two sons - Yadu and
      Turvasu; and Sharmishthaa had three sons - Druhyu, Anu and Puru. Yadu's children were called Yaadav; and Puru's children were called Paurav.
Puru had a wife called Kaushalyaa whose son was Janamejaya. He performed 3 Ashwamedh Yagya and one Vishwajeet Yagya.
      After that he went to forest. He married Anantaa (daughter pf Maadhav).
Janamejaya had a son Praacheenvat from Anantaa
Praacheenvat had the son Sanyaati from Asmaakee (daughter of Yaadav)
Sanyaati had the son Ahanyaati from Varaangee (daughter of Drishdwat)
Ahanyaati had the son Saarvbhaum from Bhaanumatee (daughter of Kritveerya)
Saarvbhaum had the son Jayatsen from Sunandaa (daughter of Kaikaya Prince)
Jayatsen had the son Avaacheen from Sutshravaa (daughter of Vidarbh Desh)
Avaacheen  had the son Arhan from Maryaadaa (daughter of Vidarbh Desh)
Arhan  had the son Mahaabhaum from Angee
Mahaabhaum had the son named Ayut-naayee from Suyagyaa (daughter of Prasenjit).
      He was named Ayut-naayee because he performed a Yagya which needed an Ayut (10,000) fat male beings.
Ayut-naayee had the son Akrodhan from Kaam (daughter of Prithushravaa)

Akrodhan had the son Devtithi from Karambhaa (daughter of Kaling Desh)
Devtithi had the son Arhan from Maryaadaa (daughter of Videh)
Arhan had the son Riksh from Sudevaa (daughter of Ang Desh)
Riksh had the son Matinaar from Jwaalaa (daughter of Takshak)
Matinaar had the son Tanshu from Saraswatee - In fact Matinaar had performed a 12-year Yagya on the banks of Saraswatee River.
       On the conclusion of the Yagya, Saraswatee came in person before him and chose him as her husband and had the son named Tanshu.
Tanshu got the son Ileen from his wife Kaalingee
Ileen got five sons from his wife Rathantari - Dushyant etc
Dushyant had the son Bharat from his wife Shakuntalaa (daughter of Vishwaamitra) - It is because Dushyant supported his child after
       hearing Aakaashvaanee, that is why the child was called Bharat (the supported).

Bharat married Sunandaa Daughter of Sarvsen (the king of Kaashee) and had Bhumanyu from her.
Bhumanyu got the son Suhotra from his wife Vijayaa (daughter of Dashaarh)
Suhotra had the son Hastee from Suvarnaa (daughter of Ikshwaaku) - he founded this city of Hastinaapur
Hastee had the son Vikunthan from his wife Yashodharaa (princess of Trigart Desh)
Vikunthan had the son Ajameedh from his wife Sudevaa (princess of Dashaarh)
Ajameedh had 4 wives - Raikeyee, Gaandhaaree, Vishaalaa, and Rikash. He had 2,400 sons from them. But Samvaran carried the family line forward.
Samvaran had the son Kuru from his wife Tapatee (daughter of Vivaswat - Soorya Dev)
Kuru had the son Vidoorath from his wife Shubhaangee (daughter of Dashaarh)
Vidoorath had the son Anaswaan from his wife Supriyaa (daughter of Maadhav)
Anaswaan had the son Pareekshit from his wife Amritaa (daughter of Maadhav)
Pareekshit had the son Bheemsen from his wife Suvaasaa (daughter of Baahudaas)

Bheemsen had the son Pratishravaa from his wife Kumaaree (daughter of Kaikaya Desh)
Pratishravaa had the son Prateep
Prateep had three sons - Devaapi, Shaantanu and Baahleek from his wife Sunandaa (daughter of Shivi). Devaapi went to forest in childhood
       only and so Shaantanu became the king. It is famous about  him that whoever touched him, not only he felt pleasure but restored to
        youth, that is why he was called Shaantanu.
Shaantanu had a son named Devavrat from his wife Gangaa. He later was called Bheshm. Bheeshm then got married his father to
        Satyavatee (who later was called Gandhkalee). In her maidenhood she had a son Krishn Dwaipaayan from Maharshi Paraashar. 
        Shaantanu had two other sons from her - Chitraangad and Vichitraveerya. Chitraangad was killed by Gandharv so Vichitraveerya was
        crowned as king. He was married to two princesses of Kaashee - Ambikaa and Ambaalikaa, but he died childless. After a thought,
        Satyavatee invited Krishn Dwaipaayan to produce children from  Vichitraveerya's widows. So he produced three sons from them -
        Dhritraashtra, Paandu and Vidur.

Dhritraashtra had 100 sons from his wife Gaandhaaree through a boon granted by Krishn Dwaipaayan, but only four of them were well known - Duryodhan, Dushaasan, Vikarn and Chitrasen.

Paandu also had two wives - Kuntee and Maadree. Once he went for hunting and saw a deer covering his mate. He killed him before his desire was fulfilled. In fact he was a Rishi in the form of a deer He cursed him before dying, "You have killed me while I was indulged in this act, so you will also die while you will also be indulged in such act." After that Paandu didn't go to his wives but always thought that there was no region for such childless people. So he asked Kuntee to raise children for him. Kuntee got one son Yudhishthir from Dharm Raaj; another son Bheemsen from Pavan Dev; and the third son Arjun from Indra Dev. She got two sons, a twins, from Ashwinee Kumaar for Maadree also - Nakul and Sahadev.

One day Paandu saw Maadree adorned with beautiful clothes and ornaments, [so he got tempted to have her] but as soon as he touched her he died. Maadree became Satee with him. After a while those five Paandav were taken to Bheeshm. As they were brought up there Duryodhan got jealous with them. Duryodhan's all efforts to drive them away from there went waste. Then Dhritraashtra sent them to Baaranaavat to be burned in a Laakshaa Griha, but they escaped with good advice of Vidur. Then Bheem killed Hidimb Raakshas in a forest and Bak Raakshas in Ekchakraa Nagaree. Then they went to Paanchaal Desh married to Draupadee and returned to Hastinaapur

Then they had children there - Yudhishthir had Prativindhya; Bheem had Sutsom; Arjun had Shrutkeerti; Nakul had Shataaneek and Sahadev had Shrutkarmaa. Besides Draupadee, Yudhishthir married Devikaa, daughter of Govaasan of Shaivya tribe and had a son from her named Yaudheya. Bheemsen also married Balandharaa, daughter of the king of Kaashee and had a son named Sarvaang from her. Arjun brought Vaasudev's sister Subhadraa from Dwaarakaa by force and had a son from her - Abhimanyu who was very dear to Krishn. Nakul also had another wife Karenumatee, the Princess of Chedi Desh and had a son from her - Niramitra. Sahadev also married Vijayaa, daughter of Dyutimaan of Madra Desh, and had a son from her named Suhotra. Bheem had got a son before from Hidimbaa (sister of Hidimb Raakshas) named Ghatotkach. Thus there were 11 sons of five Paandav.

Among all of them Abhimanyu led the family line further. He was married to Uttaraa, daughter of Viraat, who gave birth to a dead child whom Kuntee kept on her lap at the command of Vaasudev. He said - "I will revive the child of six months." Although born before time, burnt by Ashwatthaamaa's Brahm Astra, Vaasudev revived him. He named him Pareekshit because he was born to an extinct race. Pareekshit married your mother Madraavatee, and you are born to her. You also have two sons from your wife Vapushtamaa - Shataaneek and Shankukarn. Shataanek has also got one son - Ashwamedhdatt from Princess of Videh. This history of Bhaarat has been composed by Vyaas."


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