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Hanumaan and Raam

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Hanumaan and Raam
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Somebody wrote "Hanumaan Chaaleesaa should be read before Raam Rakshaa Stotra. Shree Raam is the Lord and Hanumaan is His devotee. Hanumaan is more pleased when his Lord is pleased. There are many pointers in Puraan and Smriti where Hanumaan wanted his Lord - as Shree Raam or Lord Narasinh to be invoked before propitiating him.

It is absolutely true that Hanumaan Jee is a devotee of Raam and Hanumaan is more pleased when Raam is pleased. Raam is Avataar of Vishnu and Hanumaan is the Avatar of Rudra. Nobody can separate them. Vishnu worshipped Shiv by the thousand names of him. Pleased by his worship Shiv gave him Sudarshan Chakra. Before going to Lankaa Raam installed Shiv Ling in Raameshwaram and worshipped him. That is the basic character of Devtaa to respect each other.

To come to the point, in our Shaastra several Pramaan are given. So in case of any doubt one can consult them and clear the doubt. Shankaraachaarya has given 8 Pramaan ---
1. Pratyaksh (seen by one's own eyes)
2. Anumaan (guessing on one's deduction method)
3. Shabd (by hearing)
4. Upamaan
5. Arthapatti
6. Anupalabdhi
7. Sambhaav
8. Atihya

Very few people have got the Darshan of God. So we can not prove anything regarding that by Pratyaksh Pramaan. Only third one "Shabd" Pramaan applies everywhere. Shabd Pramaan is also called "Aapt Vachan". Every thing which is described in Ved is true for any Aastik (theist). Since it is said that "Naastiko ved nindakah" (who say bad about Ved, they are atheist), so it needs no proof for Aastik people. Similarly the teachings of some great sages like Vashishth, Vishwaamitra, Vyaas, Paraashar are Aapt Vachan and need no proof.

Tulasee Daas got Darshan of Raam, Lakshman and Hanumaan and wrote "Raam Charit Maanas" which is universally accepted so he can be deemed as Aapt Purush.
"Hanumaan Chaaleesaa" is also written by Tulasee Daas. So let us see the Chaupaaee of Hanumaan Chaaleesaa  -----

Raam Duaare Tum Rakhavaare,   Hot na Aagyaa bin Paisaare
Hanumaan Jee! You are sentinel at the door of Raam's mercy. Nobody can enter without your permission.

Tumhare Bhajan Raam ko Bhaaven,   Janam Janam ke Dukh Bisaraaven
Hanumaan Jee! Ram is pleased through devotion to you and one becomes free from sufferings of several lives.

Tulasee Daas Jee was staying in Kaashee, and during his stay, while returning from answering the calls of nature, Tulasee Daas used to throw the water that was left in his water-pot at the roots of a tree. Accidentally, one spirit was living on that tree. One day the spirit told him that - "I am very pleased by your service, ask a boon from me". Tulasee Daas replied "Let me have Darshan of Raam". Spirit said that "it is beyond my capability but Hanumaan can help you. Go to Hanumaan temple, there Hanuman comes in the guise of a leper to hear "Vaalmeeki Raamaayan" as the first hearer and leaves the place in the last of all. Surrender to him he will help you." Tulasee Daas Jee met Hanumaan Jee and Hanumaan Jee gave him Shiv Mantra, and ordered him to go to Chitrakoot and chant the Mantra for six months. After six months Raam and Lakshman appeared before him but Tulasee Daas Jee did not recognize them. Then Hanumaan told him to do the Saadhanaa again. On second time though Raam and Lakshman were standing in front of him and were applying the "Tilak" on forehead of Tulasee Daas, he still did not recognize them. Then Hanumaan Jee appeared in the form of a parrot and started to sing the Chaupaaee -----

Chitrakoot ke Ghaat Par Bhaee Santan kee Bheer
Tulasee Daas Chandan Ghisen Tilak Det Raghubeer

So from the beginning to end Hanumaan Jee helped Tulasee Daas Jee to reach to Raam's divine abode. So if we are doing some specific Anushthaan of Hanumaan we should first worship Ram, and if we are doing Anushthaan of Raam then we should first worship Hanumaan.

I was asked to do so by great devotee of Raam of Raajaapur (in Chitrakoot district of UP). Raajaapur is birth place of Tulasee Daas Jee also. Some methods are popular in specific region due to tradition of that region so we can never reach to conclusion. So again the main thing is devotion.
[From JR Group, Sep 14, 2009, "Stotra Recitation"]



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