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(1) Which of these is not one of the Nava Durgaa?
(a) Kaalaraatri
(b) Kaatyaayinee
(c) Kaamaakhyaa
(d) Kooshmaandaa

(2) Which of these is not one of the 8 Siddhi of Siddhidaatri?
(a) Garimaa
(b) Mahimaa
(c) Animaa
(d) Ishimaa

(3) Which weapon was given by Yam Raaj to Goddess Durgaa to fight with Mahishaasur?
(a) Axe
(b) Rod
(c) Sword
(d) Thunderbolt

(4) Four of the Shakti Peeth are located at these places in India:
(a) Tripuraa, Ubali, Kaalighaat, Magadh
(b) Mithilaa, Jwaalaamukhee, Mansaa, Mathuraa
(c) Karnat, Kaanchee, Somnaath, Magadh
(d) Kuru Kshetra, Vaaraanasee, Madurai, Kaanchee

(5) The Shakti Peeth in Bangladesh are located at these places--
(a) Jayantee, Behalia, Kamarkhara, Jessore
(b) Jessore, Jayantee, Chittagong, Sylhet
(c) Sylhet, Moishkhal, Behalia, Jessore
(d) Hidagari, Jayanti, Chittagong, Shibgunj

(6) Which is true about Devee Mahaatmya?
(a) 70 Shlok in Sanskrit in Matsya Puraan
(b) 700 Shlok in Sanskrit in Maarkandeya Puraan
(c) 700 Shlok in Prakrit in Maarkandeya Puraan
(d) 7 Shlok in Paalee in Bhaagvat Puraan
(e) None of the above

(7) Lakshmee's emergence is connected with the Samudra Manthan. Which of these did not emerge in this Manthan?
(a) Surabhi
(b) Urvashee
(c) Rambhaa
(d) Vaarunee

(8) When Goddess Lakshmee appeared out of the sea of milk, she was named Gajlakshmee because ---
(a) Her gait was like an elephant's
(b) She was mounted on an elephant
(c) Elephants were sprinkling water on her
(d) She carried elephant's tusk in her hand

(9) Who among the following is the consort of Lord Vishnu?
(a) Umaa
(b) Kaalee
(c) Durgaa
(d) Lakshmee

(10) Which script was supposed to have been invented by Goddess Saraswati?
(a) Paalee
(b) Indus
(c) Kharoshti
(d) Devanaagaree

(11) In which of the following Shakti Peeth, the Devee's three eyes are worshipped?
(a) Devee Kotari of Hingula, Pakistan
(b) Devi Vramori of Janosthan, India
(c) Devi Indraakshee of Lanka, Sri Lanka
(d) Devi Mahishmardinee of Sarkara, Pakistan

(12) Which of these options has four of the Ten Mahaa-Vidyaa.
(a) Kaalee, Taaraa, Shodashee, Sunandaa
(b) Bhairavee, Bagalaa, Maatangee, Kaalee
(c) Taaraa, Bhuvaneshwaree, Barahee, Kamalaa
(d) Chinnamastaa, Taaraa, Kalikaa, Bahulaa

(13) Which of the statements does not apply to Maataa Vaishnav Devee
(a) Devee's childhood name was Trikutaa
(b) Devee assumed the form of Mahaakaalee to kill Bhairon Nath
(c) Devee exists in the form of Pindee
(d) Devee was devoted to Lord Shiv

(14) In her first birth Devee was called
(a) Umaa
(b) Paarvatee
(c) Satee
(d) Gauree

(15) Why is Devee called Durgaa?
(a) She protects the entrances (Durg)
(b) She slain the demon Durgaa
(c) She was named so by Lord Shiv Jee
(d) She stayed in a place called Durg

(16) Who got Saayujya of Devee?
Mahishaasur was the only Asur who got Saayujya of Devee that is why whenever Devee is worshipped his head is also worshipped on Devee's left hand side.

See its Answers on Q-Devee-2-Answers



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Created by Sushma Gupta on February 27, 2011
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