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2-Less Known Information About Hanumaan-2

Hanumaan's Education and Marriage
Hanuman was growing older. His mother told him - "Son, It is time to get educated. There is no better teacher than Soorya, the Sun god, who dispels all darkness. Go to him and gain knowledge." Even though he was omnipotent, Hanumaan obeyed his mother. He went to the Soorya Mandal and humbly prayed the Sun god - "O Soorya Dev, I want to learn Ved, Vedaang, and Upaang from you. Please teach me." Soorya replied - "O Boy of Anjanaa, I am always on the move, as ordained by Almighty, how can I teach you?" Hanumaan was angery. He blocked the path of Soorya. Soorya pacified Hanumaan. He said: "I have no objection to teach you. But you have to find a way to learn."

Hanuman stood facing the Sun and started walking backwards. Soorya was moving forward and was teaching Hanuman. Lord Shiv is said to know all and Hanumaan, who is Lord Shiv's incarnation, proved to be one who knows all as well. Within a week of his education, he astonished Soorya by his knowledge. Soorya praised Hanumaan. Hanumaan wanted to continue his education. Instead of walking backward, he put one foot on the rising hill and the other one on the setting hill to face the Sun god. Hanuman's interest and devotion pleased the Sun god. Soorya taught all that is to be taught to Hanumaan.

Birth of Suvarchalaa
Soorya was married to Sanjanaa, a daughter of Viswakarmaa. Sanjanaa was a devoted wife but was unable to bear the heat emanating from the Sun's rays. She was suffering with anguish. Her mother noticed the daughter's plight and sought to know as to what the problem was. Sanjanaa explained her problem to her mother. Her mother in turn told Vishwakarmaa of Sanjanaa's problem. Vishwakarmaa told Soorya that he would polish off some of his luminescence. Soorya agreed. Vishwakarmaa was able to polish off some luminescence of his son-in-law. The luminescence thus separated took the form of young woman. Her beauty and grace astonished even gods. Indra wanted to know as to who would marry that shinning brilliant young women. Brahmaa Jee thought for a while and replied - "Hanumaan who is essence of Shiv's fiery power will marry this young woman. Since Hanumaan tried to grab the ever glowing Sun god, he alone can bear this glowing young woman too."

Soorya remembered Brahmaa Jee's utterance. By than Hanuman's education was complete. He was ready to graduate. He bowed to Soorya and said - "O My Divine Teacher, Thanks to you I am educated now. I would like to take your leave now. I would like to offer you an appropriate fee as Guru Dakshinaa. Kindly order me." Soorya immediately replied - "O Hanumaan, you are the incarnation of Lord Shiv who bore the poisonous Halaahal (poison) to save the universe when the ocean was churned. You are also son of Agni, the fire god. Viswakarmaa separated a part of my luminescence and the world is unable to bear it. You are the only one who can bear it. So I want to offer you my daughter Suvarchalaa formed from my "Varchas" (luminescence), in marriage. Marry my daughter. Since husband is the one who is to bear, you also bear my "Suvarchas" by marrying Suvarchalaa. Your marrying her shall be my Guru Dakshinaa."

Hanuman listened to his teacher and replied politely - "O Lord, I have decided to follow Brahmacharya throughout my life. How can I marry?" Soorya replied - "O Hanumaan, this Suvarchalaa is a divine one, A-Yonijaa (who is not born normally from vagina). She would be a devoted wife to you. I am giving you the boon that you would still be a Brahmchaaree even after marriage. You would continue to be a Prajaapatya Brahmchaaree. Your marriage is only for the welfare of the Universe and it would not affect your chosen course of celibacy. You were a born Brahmchaaree with a Yagyopaveet (Sacred thread). Brahmacharya will be your eternal pursuit. Since you are going to be a Brahmaa in future, Suvarchalaa will then occupy the place of Vaanee (Saraswatee)."

Hanumaan obeyed his preceptor's advice. Soorya presented Suvarchalaa to Hanumaan. It is stated in Paraashar Sanhitaa, that Soorya offered his daughter Suvarchalaa in marriage on Jyeshth Shukla Dashamee. It was a Wednesday under the star Uttaraa.


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