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2-Less Known Information About Hanumaan-1
[Taken from Jyotish Gangaa Group posted by Kaushik_buddy, Dec 14, 2008]

For most of the people, Hanumaan is a character that appears in Raamaayan and most of us only know him as a devotee of Shree Raam. The complete life of Hanumaan is written in an ancient and now extinct scripture called Paraashar Sanhitaa. The word Paraashar is a very well known name for Mahaabhaarat readers and astrologers as well. Paraashar Sanhitaa deals with complete life of Hanumaan, which was not covered in Raamaayan. Unfortunately the text has lost its existence and now is has become extinct. The following new information about Hanuman is given here from Paraashar Sanhitaa (read also  Hanumaan Chaamar).

1. Hanumaan was not a Monkey.
2. Hanumaan took birth much before Lord Raam.
3. Hanumaan like Vishnu took various Avataar.
4. Hanumaan was the chosen one for Sanaatan Dharm protection by Maharshi Agastya much before the coming of Shree Raam.
5. Hanumaan was also a King and had his own Kingdom.
6. Hanumaan was worshipped as god by all Vaanar community even during the time of Shree Raam and many even offered him their daily prayers.
7. There is a separate Geetaa written by the then Vaanar on Hanumaan called as "Vaanar Geetaa"
8. Hanumaan is the giver of an Upanishad (among 108) also called as "Raam Rahasya Upanishad".
9. Hanumaan is married to an A-Janmaa Bramhchaarinee called Shree Suvarchalaa Devee - the daughter of Soorya Dev. Maharshi Paraashar had given the life history of Hanuman in 150 volumes. He describes Hanuman in his nine Avataar. The 6th Avataar is Suvarchalaa Aanjaneya Swaamee. The Sun God performed the wedding of his daughter Suvarchalaa with Hanumaan on Jyeshth Shukla Dashamee' day." It is said that the wedding was being performed in various Suvarchalaa Aanjaneya Swaamee temples in the country.
10. The Lord Indra regained his "Vajraayudh" only after worshipping Hanumaan.
[when did he lose it, it is not mentioned anywhere].

Hanumaan is Married
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Everybody knows that Hanumaan is a born Brahmchaaree, but nobody knows that he was a married - that is another matter that his wife is also Brahmchaarinee since birth. Her name is Suvarchalaa and she is the daughter of Soorya. . Suvarchalaa Hanumaan Kalyaanam is observed on Jyeshth Shuddha Dashamee, 10th day in Shukla Paksh of Jyeshth month.

Suvarchalaa Hanumaan Kalyaanam -
Kalyaanam means "Marriage". Although Hanuman is known as the "Ajanma Brahmachaaree’ (eternal bachelor). It is stated in many scriptures and Puraan. "Paraashar Sanhitaa", written by Sage Paraashar, mentions the story or legend of Suvarchalaa Hanumaan Kalyaanam. Suvarchalaa is the daughter of Soorya and as "Guru Dakshinaa", Soorya asks Hanumaan to marry his daughter. Convinced by the pursuit of the divine marriage, Hanumaan agreed to marry Suvarchalaa. In spite of marriage with Suvarchalaa, Hanumaan remained Brahmchaaree because he was a born Brahmchaarinee with Yagyopaveet (sacred thread). So, on Jyeshth Shukla Dashamee Soorya offered his daughter Suvarchalaa in marriage to Hanumaan.

Legend of Hanumat Kalyaanam –
Why Hanumaan married Suvarchalaa - This article gives us interesting information about the marriage of Hanumaan and Suvarchalaa. Suvarchalaa is the daughter of Soorya. She was born from the luminescence (Varchas) of Soorya and the world was unable to bear the luminescence of the Sun. At the same time, Hanuman had completed his Vaidik studies from his Guru Soorya. Hanumaan requested him for a Guru Dakshinaa, but Soorya refused to take anything from him saying that, "It is very difficult to get a Shishya like you at any time. I am very satisfied with your Guru Bhakti so you may go just like that." But Hanumaan insisted to give Guru Dakshinaa to Soorya, as in those days the education was not regarded complete until the Guru Dakshinaa was given (even Krishn also gave it). So Soorya said to him - "I have my son Sugreev on Prithvi, you go and take care of him. And marry my daughter Suvarchalaa." "Paraashar Sanhitaa" states the legend of Hanumaan’s marriage.

"O Hanumaan, Suvarchalaa is A-yonijaa and Soorya's Varchas' Putrikaa (who was born from Varchas of Soorya). The world is unable to bear her. Her husband will be the only one who can bear her, you can bear her so you marry her. You are also the Agni-Putra (Son of Agni). Only you can bear her. This would not disturb your Brahmcharya (celibacy) too. Along with my daughter,  I will give you a boon also that you would still be a Brahmchaaree even after marriage. You are a born Brahmchaaree and you would continue to be a Prajaapatya Brahmchaaree even after marrying my Suvarchalaa", said Soorya. He continued, "This marriage is only for Vishwa Kalyaan (welfare of the world). You can continue your eternal celibacy". Lord Hanumaan got convinced with the words of Soorya and accepted to offer him Guru Dakshinaa by taking care of Sugreev and marrying Suvarchalaa. On Jyeshth Shukla 10th day (in bright half of Jyeshth month), Hanuman married Suvarchalaa.

How Hanumaan is Agni Putra? Even Soorya says it, anybody knows how?


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