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16-Hanumaan Worship

Hanumaan Jee is worshipped by several Mantra. His day is Tuesday, but when he is worshipped for Saturn's (Shani) effect, he is worshipped on Saturday also as Shani Dev bestowed a boon to him that who would worship Hanumaan on his own day he would not afflict him much (read Hanumaan and Shani). One can find lots of crowd on Tuesdays in Hanumaan's temples. Although people got to Hanumaan temples on Saturdays also, but not in as much number as they go on Tuesdays.

some of the recitations (Paath) are given here --

Hanumaan Chaaleesaa
His most popular worship is through Hanumaan Chaaleesaa, written by Tulasee Daas Jee. This is so common that even small boys cram the Chaaleesaa and recite it on Yuesdays. Some recite it once, some 5 times, some 11 times, some 21 times, and some 51 times. Many people recite it 108 times on his birthday - Chaitra Poornimaa. See also How to Read Hanumaan Chaaleesaa

There is another poetry piece Hanumaanaashtak. This is also very common and is normally read after Hanumaan Chaaleesaa recitation, though not necessarily.

Bajarang Baan
This is another piece of poetry. It is also written by Tulasee Daas Jee. It is said that this piece is Taantrik  in it's purpose so needs to be used more cautiously and with Gurupadesh by following certain do's and dont's, otherwise it might harm.

Once Tulasee Daas Jee had some ailment in his arm, then he wrote this to please Hanumaan to relieve him from that ailment.

There are some Mantra also which are used for recitation to worship Hanumaan Jee.

This is a beautiful Bhajan for him...
Sundar Roop Sajjan Vandit Aanjaneyaa Namo Stute
Anajani Putra Param Pavitra Aanjaneyaa namo Stute
Mangal Roop Moksh Pradaataa Aanjaneyaa Namo Stute
Kesaree-nandan Kali Mal Bhanjan Aanjaneyaa Namo Stute
Karavaa Dhaaraa, Saadhu Janaavan Aanjaneyaa Namo Stute
Raaghav Doot Sugreev Mitra Aanjaneyaa Namo Stute

Sundar Kaand
People recite Tulasee Maanas Sundar Kaand on Tuesdays, sometimes on every Tuesday, sometimes once a month, and sometimes on both days - Tuesdays and Saturdays. See also
How to Read Sundar Kaand of Maanas,
How to Read Sundar Kaand of Vaalmeeki Raamaayan,
Listen to Sundar Kaand Here


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