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32-Folktales of Raven-2

"Raven Kee Lok Kathaayen-Doosaraa Bhaag"
in the Series of "Desh Videsh Kee Lok Kathaayen"
14 stories.    (Complete)

" Raven Kee Lok Kathaayen-Pahalaa Bhaag" was published with 16 stories and is available in Hindi Braille also.

"Raven Kee Lok Kathaayen-Doosaraa Bhaag" is here with 14 folktales from various parts of North America and Canada have been translated in very simple Hindi. All stories have been taken from Internet. Source of every story has been given with the story.

List of Stories

1. Raven Kee Samudree Yaatraa (7 p)
2. Raven Aur Batakhen (8 p)
3. Raven Roshanee Kaise Le Kar Aayaa (2 p)
4. Raven Ne Paanee Dhoondhaa (4 p)
5. Badee Baarh (3 p)
6, Raven Kaa Saahas (4 p)
7. Raven Aur Bechaaree Chidiaan (2 p)
8. Raven Aur Lomadaa (4 p)
9. Raven Aur Ulloo (2 p)
10. Shikaaree Raven (9 p)
11. Raven Ne Whale Kaise Maaree (3 p)
12. Jab Raven Andhaa Ho Gayaa (6)
13. Raven Aur Ek Aadmee (4 p)
14. Raven Aur Us Kee Daadee (10 p)



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