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Tripur Rahasya-20

Vidyaa Geetaa

Dattaatreya Jee further said - "Now I tell you a very sacred story. Once many saints gathered at the place of Brahmaa Jee. They discussed many things but then a very subtle dispute arose among them. There were Brahmaa's first four sons - Sanak, Sanandan, Sanat Kumaar, and Sanatsujaat; Vashishth, Pulastya, Pulah, Kratu, Bhrigu, Atri, Anggiraa, Prachetaa, Naarad, Chyavan, Vaam Dev, Vishwaamitra, Gautam, Shuk, Paraashar, Vyaas, Kanv, Kashyap, Daksh, Sumant, Shannkh, Likhit, Deval and others. Each one of them spoke of his system convincing that his system was better than others' system, but they could not reach on any definite conclusion. That is why they asked Brahmaa Jee - "O Lord, We sages know all about the world and beyond, but each one's life style differs from that of the other. It is because our disposition of mind differs from others. Some of us are always in Nir-Vikalp Samaadhi; some are always busy in philosophical discussions; some are busy in devotion; while some rank work higher than others. We wish to know that who is the best among us?"

Brahmaa Jee said - "O Best of Saints, There is Parameshwar who knows everything, so let us go to Him and ask Him." Collecting Vishnu on the way, they went to Shiv. Brahmaa Jee asked Shiv what the Rishi wanted to know. Shiv divined the mind of Brahmaa and said to Rishi - "I also cannot see which is the best method, so let us meditate on Devee, then only we shall be able to understand even the subtlest of truths by her grace." So all meditated on Her Majesty, pervading the three states of life (sleeping, dreaming, and waking). Thus invoked she manifested in her full glory. She spoke and all heard her in her thunderous voice - "Speak, what do you want to know. Your desires will be fulfilled." Hearing this all prostrated before her and praised her. They saluted her and asked her - "Kindly tell us your relative form and your transcendental state, your prowess and your identity with Gyaan. What is the proper and perfect means to attain you? And the nature and the result of attaining you? What is the utmost finality of accomplishment beyond which there is nothing to be accomplished? Who is the best among accomplished sages?"

Devee said to explain - "I am the abstract intelligence from where the cosmos originates and where it resolves, like the images in the mirror. The ignorant know me as the gross Universe; while the wise feel me as their own pure being eternally glowing "I-I" within. This realization is possible in deep stillness of thought-free consciousness - as a sea is without waves. My earnest devotees worship me spontaneously and with a great devotion. Although they know me that I am their non-dual Self, still their love makes them to conceive as their own Self as Me and worship Me as if without Me nothing could exist; and which forms the whole purport of the holy scriptures. This is my Transcendental state.

My concrete form is the eternal couple, the Supreme Lord and Energy, always in undivided union and pervading all the three phenomenal states  - dream, sleep and waking. His bed is of four legs - of Brahmaa (the Creator), Vishnu (the Protector), Shhiv (Destroyer), and Eeshwar (Disappearance); and whose surface is Sadaashiv (grace) which lives in the mansion "Fulfillment of Purpose", in the garden of Kadamb trees, in the island of jewels in the ocean of nectar which surrounds the cosmos and extends beyond.

Brahmaa, Vishnu, Shiv, Eeshwar, Sadaashiv, Ganesh, Skand, the gods of the eight quarters, their energies, celestials, serpents and other superhuman beings; all are manifestations of myself. However, people do not know Me because their intellect is shrouded in ignorance. I grant boons to those who worship me. There is no one else beside me who is worthy of worship and who can fulfill all desires. [It means that who are worshiping others, they are also worshipping my manifestations, because I am the pure intelligence which cannot under any circumstances, be transcended.] The fruits of worship are brought forth by me according to the mode of worship and the nature of individual desire.

As I am non-dual and abstract intelligence, I manifest myself even in the minutest thing in the Universe and as the Universe. Although I manifest myself in different ways still I am unblemished. This is my chief power which is difficult to understand. That is why O Rishi, try to understand this that although everything lives in me still I am pure. I am never involved in anything and I am always free, I use my power (Maayaa), covered with ignorance, appear full of desires, seek their fulfillment, I am born and reborn as individuals, seek a teacher to be wiser, learn the truth from him and put it into practice; and finally become absolved. All this goes in my pure and ever free intelligence. This manifestation of the ignorant and the free, and of others, is called my creation, which is without any accessories. My power is too vast to be described. I shall tell you something about it in brief.

Although the knowledge related to me is complex, still it can be divided in two categories - dual and non-dual. Dual is related to worship; and the non-dual is related to realization. Because of their intricacies they give many different results. Dual knowledge is manifold, because it is based on the concept of duality and its manifestation is worship, prayer, incantation, meditation etc, all of which are due to nothing more than mental imagination. They are still different from daydreaming because the law of nature provides for them. The ultimate goal of all this is non-dual realization. Mental imagination cannot put forth the tangible results, whether straight away or in successive stages. But if it i related to God, it is different, because it purifies and strengthens the mind so that it can realize the God. The most useful means among the concepts of God is only the eternal couple. It will not remove the ignorance directly, still it will help him to reborn as a full blown Gyaanee.

Worship of abstract intelligence in a concrete form is not only useful, but also essential for non-dual realization, because without her grace one cannot be made fit for it. Non-dual realization is the same as pure intelligence. It has no objective knowledge, because such knowledge nullifies all objective knowledge revealing it completely harmless as a snake in a picture.

When the mind has completely resolved into the Self, that state is called Nir-Vikalp Samaadhi. When the man wakes up from that state he remembers his experience - "I am that" not as "I" thought by the ignorant. This is called Supreme Knowledge - Vigyaan or Pratyabhigya Gyaan. The advance stage of meditation is Sa-Vikalp Samaadhi. In this situation the person is aware of that he has turned away from objectivity towards subjectivity and feels that he is very near to Self-Realization. When he resolves in the Self, he feels the bliss - and this is Nir-Vikalp Samaadhi. When he comes out of that Samaadhi, he sees the world in the same way as other people see, but his outlook to see it changes. He now knows his pure Self, and does not relate himself with his ego. That is the effect of Realization.

The theoretical knowledge differentiates between the Self and non-Self through the study of scriptures, or the teachings or by self observation. Supreme wisdom is that which ends the sense of non-Self once for all. The result of self-Realization is the end of all misery here and hereafter - that is called emancipation. End of all misery can happen in dream also, but this ends all misery forever even in waking up state. O Rishi, There is no fear in the absence of non-duality. Why? Because fear only exists when there is something else besides oneself. But if there is something else besides oneself, fear will always exist. Whatever we see apart of ourselves, is certainly perishable and whatever is perishable must involve fear of loss - as union implies separation so the acquisition involves loss. If emancipation had been external to the Self, it would have implied loss, and therefore was not worth aspiring for. On the other hand most people aspire for Moksh, that is why it cannot be external to Self. When the knower, knowledge and known merge into unity that state is of fearlessness and the Moksh results. Supreme Wisdom is without any thoughts, will and desire.

Pre-Requisites for Emancipation
The Self is abstract intelligence, free from thoughts. In this state the knower, knowledge and the known are not real as different entities. When their difference has disappeared, their true nature reveals, and that is called emancipation. Since there is no difference among them, the difference is only to run the worldly life smoothly. Emancipation is eternal that is why it is nothing to be acquired. The Self manifests as the knower, knowledge and the known; the cycle of births and deaths endures with all the apparent reality of a mountain so long as this manifestation lasts. As soon as the manifestation is realized to consist of the Self alone, without any admixture of non-self, the cycle of births and deaths comes to a standstill, and is broken down to fragments like clouds dispersed by strong winds. Thus only the earnestness is required for emancipation; no other requisite is needed if the longing for emancipation is intense and unwavering.

What is the intense longing? Intense longing is when the devotee loses himself in the desired object. In this context, the desired object means the emancipation itself. And to be like this one needs time - which may be days, months, years or even births, according to the light or dense predispositions. The main obstruction in developing the intense longing, in this context, are lack of faith in the teachings of Guru, the second is increase in desires; and the third is dullness - inability to understand the revealed truth.

To elaborate them - lack of faith develops by one's doubts about the truth of the statements and  by failure to understand them - whether there is Moksh or not; and when one develops the doubt he does not understand it. But if somebody is determined to have faith, it will destroy uncertainty as well as misunderstanding. But the question arises how this determined belief will be possible when faith is lacking? Cut it at its root. What is its root?

--Its root is unfavorable logic. Give it up, and accept the approved .logic - found in the holy books or in the statements of Guru. Thus ends the first propensity
--The second propensity, increasing desires prevent the intellect from following the right path. A mind which is full of desires cannot go on spiritual path. That is why desires must be reduced to proceed on spiritual path; and this can be done only by dispassion. The propensity is manifold - love, anger, greed, pride, jealousy. The worst of them to pursue pleasures, subtle or gross. If it is destroyed, it can destroy all other propensities.
--The third propensity is dullness results from the sins committed in previous births. It is the worst of the series and is hardest to overcome. Even concentration of mind and understanding of truth does not work when dullness prevails. Its only remedy is to worship Devee. Only she can remove it.

There is no accomplishment equal to self-realization, which alone is capable of ending all miseries, because it is the state of eternal bliss."

Devee got silent after saying this, and Brahmaa Jee, Shiv Jee and other Rishhi came back to their places of abode."
Dattatreya Jee said to Parashuraam Jee - "I have told you the sacred Geetaa which destroys all sins and purifies the mind. Thhis Geetaa is the best Geetaa among all Geetaa, because it has proceeded from Abstract Intelligence Herself and leads to emancipation. This Geetaa is like a raft to cross the ocean of this Sansaar.

End of the Chapter 20



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