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Some Parables About Satyabhaamaa

Satyabhaamaa is the third Chief wife of Krishn among His eight chief wives. His eight chief wives are Rukminee, Jaambvatee, Satyabhaamaa, Kaalindee, Mitravrindaa, Bhadraa, Lakshmanaa, and Naagnjitee. She was known for her strong will and Tantra. Satyabhaamaa was the daughter of Satraajit. She was the incarnation of Bhoo Devee. That is why when Krishn went to kill Narakaasur (Bhaumaasur) He asked Satyabhaamaa to kill him. When Narakaasur was born, Bhoo Devee, his mother asked a boon from Hari, that he should be killed by his mother, that is why Krishn had to take Satyabhaamaa along with Him when He went to kill Narakaasur.

Satyabhaamaa's Previous Life
Padm Puraan, 5/12 gives the account of Satyabhaamaa's previous life. Once Satyabhaamaa asked Krishn that what Punya she did that she was married to Krishn. Then Krishn told her past life. He said - "In one Sat Yug there lived a Braahman in Haridwaar. His name was Dev Sharmaa and he had one daughter Gunvatee. he married her to his disciple Chandra. he considered CHandra as his son and Chandra also regarded him as his father. One day both, Dev Sharmaa and Chandra, went to bring Samidhaa. On their wy they met a Raakshas, They got so frightened that they even could not run away. The Raakshas killed them and my Paarshad brought them to Vaikunth Lok. Hearing about their killing Gunvatee cried a lot but the she followed two fats throughout her life - fasting on Ekaadashee and Kaarttik Snaan. When I came on Prithvi, many of my Paarshad also came here. These Yaadav are all my Paarshad. Your father Dev Sharmaa was born as Satraajit. In your previous birth, you planted a Tulasee garden in front of my temple, that is why you have Kalp Vriksh in your palace; you did Deep Daan, that is why you have so much wealth; and because you offered everything to me, that is why you became my wife."

Satyabhaamaa's Marriage to Krishn
Satraajit had got a jewel from Soorya Dev after a severe Tap. That jewel used to give 8 Bhaar gold everyday. The main specialty of this jewel was that it did good to the person who was good, but would ruin the person who was impure. Once Krishn asked this jewel to be given to the King of Dwaarakaa, but Satraajit did not give it to him. Because of the fear of Krishn, Satraajit gave that jewel to his brother Prasenjit. Now Prasenjit was not so pure. One day he went for hunting in a forest. There a lion killed him and took the jewel and went into the forest. At the same time Jaambvaan saw him carrying that jewel, so he killed the lion, took the jewel and gave it to his son to play with.

When Prasenjit did not return from the hunting, Satraajit thought that Krishn killed Prasenjit because of that Jewel and took away that jewel. Since Krishn had not taken it, it became necessary for Him to wash this black spot from His name. He took some people along with Him and went to forest following Prasenjit's footsteps. He soon found out that Prasenjit was killed by a lion and the lion was killed by a bear. So He followed bear's footprints and came to a cave. There he saw a beautiful girl singing a lullaby to a child who was playing with that jewel.

At the same time Jaambvaan came out and saw Krishn. Krishn asked him to give Him that jewel but Jaambvaan did not give that rather broke the fight with Him. The fight continued for 28 days. Then Jaambvaan understood that Krishn was not an ordinary man, so he asked Him "Who are you? Nobody is there whom I cannot defeat? Are you Raam who have come here in Dwaapar Yug?" Then Krishn showed him His Chaturbhuj Roop. He fell on Krishn's feet, gave that jewel to Him and married his daughter Jaambvatee to Him.

After taking the jewel, Krishn went to Satraajit and gave it to him clearing the blame from His head. Satraajit was so much ashamed of his blame that he married his daughter Satyabhaamaa to Him and returned the jewel also to Him. Krishn accepted Satyabhaamaa but did not accept the jewel.

Killing of Narakaasur
There was a great Raakshas named Narakaasur, how Satyabhaamaa helped Krishn killing him, read it here - Narakaasur.

Krishn Brings Paarijaat Tree for Satyabhaamaa
From  Vishnu Puraan, 5/11    Read other Stories Related to it on  NEXT PAGE

After killing Narakaasur, Krishn went to Swarg to return Aditi's earrings to Devtaa's mother Aditi, and Uchchshraivaa horse to Indra. There he returned those things to both of them. Satyabhaamaa went to see Indraanee. Indraanee welcomed her and felicitated her. At the same time a maid brought some Paarijaat flowers for Indraanee. Indraanee, considering Satyabhaamaa an ordinary earthly woman did not offer those flowers to her and tucked them in her hair. This made Satyabhaamaa very angry.

When Krishn was to come back on Earth, He called Satyabhaamaa to come along with Him, then only Satyabhaamaa told Him the whole incident to Krishn. Krishn also got angry at this and He uprooted the whole Paarijaat tree and kept it on His Garud. Seeing this Indra said - "When this tree came out of Saagar Manthan, it was given to me, now where are you taking this?" Krishn told him the Indraanee incident and told that He could not tolerate his wife's insult, that is why He was taking it to her palace.

Hearing this Indra stared fighting with Krishn, but how could he win the Lord of Tri-Lok, so in the end he fell on Krishn's feet. Krishn made him fearless and said - "This tree will stay on Prithvi till I will be there. When I will leave Prithvi, it will also come to you." Indra greeted Him, and Krishn came back to Prithvi. He planted that tree in Satyabhaamaa's palace garden. It stayed there till Krishn lived on Prithvi, after He left Prithvi for His Param Dhaam, it went to Swarg Lok along with Sudharmaa Sabhaa which Krishn managed to get from Indra for King Ugrasen.



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