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Sampaati was the elder brother of Jataayu. [Jataayu's Lineage]

We meet Sampaati in Raamaayan, Kishkindhaa Kaand, when Angad's team was sitting desperate on a mountain peak, Sampaati was also sitting there close by. When he saw so many Vaanar at one time he got very happy that he got good food today. But then he heard his brother and Raam's names from Angad. He got surprised and came near them to ask about his brother as he did not hear anything from him for quite some time. He asked "How do you know about Jataayu?" Angad told him his whole story and about Seetaa's search. Then Sampaati told them his story.

Once both brothers flew as high as they could and wanted to touch Soorya. But when they flew up and up and reached near Soorya, Jataayu started getting hurt by Soorya's heat, so Sampaati hid him under his wings. But later his own wings also started burning with Soorya's heat and he fell down unconscious on a mountain peak.

Since his wings were burned he could not fly any more. There used to live a Rishi named Chandramaa who used to preach him. Sampaati was so desperate of his life that he wanted to die. But Chandramaa Muni said - "Don't be so desperate, when Raam will take Avataar on Prithvi, then you help Him and after that you will be all right." After saying this to me Muni went away to his Lok and I have been waiting here for this day to come since then. I am quite old now and cannot see as before, but still I can see much far than you. Take me up the mountain so that I can see from there."

Vaanar took him up the mountain and he told them that he could see Seetaa sitting in a garden in Lankaa Nagaree on Trikoot Parvat. He said - "If I had been in my previous state, I myself could have gone there and brought you Her message, but I cannot do so now." Angad asked - "How do you know Seetaa was abducted by Raavan and you saw Her there?"

Sampaati said - "After my wings were burned I could not fly, so I could not collect my food. I have a son who used to bring food for me. One day he came back without food, as he could not get food for me, and told me that he saw a Raakshas taking a beautiful woman. That woman was crying. I understood that he was Raavan abducting some woman. That is how I know about Her."

All Vaanar got very happy to hear Seetaa's news. Sampaati also got all right after giving this news. His new wings started growing, and he became healthy. Now Vaanar started planning to cross the sea to reach Seetaa Jee.



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