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Nahush, Raajaa

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Nahush, Raajaa

You must be thinking Nahush was born much earlier than MBH times, then how he witnessed MBH times. It is really strange, but it happened.  When you will read about him you will know that he indeed lived in MBH times. Raajaa Nahush was the son of Aayu (the eldest son of Pururavaa). He had a son named Yayaati. By sacrifices, Yagya, and Tap Nahush got the sovereignty of the three worlds.

Birth of Nahush and Killing of Hund Daitya
From "Nahusha" - Amar Chitra Katha

King Aayu's wife's name was Indumatee. Both were very happy to have a son. But the same night a maid lifted the sleeping child and took him in the sky. in fact she was not a maid, she was the Asur Hund. Hund brought him to his palace and handed over to his wife to cook a delicious dish for him. The cook could not kill the child and she gave him to a man who took him away and left him on the doorstep of Muni Vashishth Jee. It was morning and Sage Vashishth was going for his morning chores that he saw a newborn child on his doorstep, he picked him in his arms and named him Nahush. On the other side Aayu and his wife were crying for their child, that Naarad Jee arrived and consoled them that their child was safe.

Years passed, Nahush had grown big. One day when he was collecting Samidhaa (twigs for Yagya), he heard the sound of sweet music. Chaaran were singing - "His parents were still worrying for their child who was taken away by Hund Asur and saved by his cook. Nahush came back to Vashishth Jee and asked Vashishth Jee about this. He told him that it was true. Nahush said - "So that Asur should be killed. I shall kill him now, bless me." Vashishth Jee blessed him and he came in the forest to look for Hund. In the forest he saw a beautiful maiden. He asked her - "Who are you?" The maiden replied - "I am Ashok Sundaree and your would be wife." She further said to Nahush - "One day when Shiv and Paarvatee were in Nandan Van, they decided to test the Kalp Vriksh there. Paarvatee said - "O Kalp Vriksh, I want a beautiful baby girl." And Lo, she got a beautiful girl in her arms. I am that baby. She named me Ashok Sundaree. Thus I am Paarvatee's daughter. She granted me one boon also that the son born to Aayu and Indumatee, who will be like another Indra, will be your husband."

Once when I was wandering in Nandan Van, an Asur came there and spoke to me - "I am the mighty Asur Hund, the son of Viprachitti. Please accept me as your husband." I said - "I will marry Nahush, the son of Aayu." "But Nahush is not yet born." "So what, I will marry him only." "When Hund wants to take something, he takes it anyhow." and he went away. After a few days a woman came to me and crying said to me - "Hund has killed my husband, that is why I am doing Tap to destroy him. Please come to my hut, I will feel happy." So I went to her hut with her, but the place she took me, it was not a hut, but a palace. I wanted to say something but the woman changed herself into Hund and proceeded towards me saying "You are mine now." I shouted - "You cannot touch me." then I cursed him to die by my husband." This is my story. Nahush said - "Oh, Now I knew why Hund tried to kill me? At the same time Hund came there and Nahush killed Hund.

Ashok Sundaree asked Nahush - "Will you marry me as it has been destined?" Nahush said - "I could have, but you are older than me." Ashok Sundaree said - "We do not get aged as human beings age. I will always be like this." Nahush married her and went back to his kingdom to his parents. Aayu and Indumatee got very happy to see their son. Hearing that Nahush had killed his father, Hund's son Vihund became very angry. He started destroying Tri-Lok. Then Paarvatee Jee killed Vihund.

Nahush and Rishi Chyavan
From "Nahusha" - Amar Chitra Katha

One day in the kingdom of Nahush, one Kaivart cast the net to catch fish. Something was caught in the net, but it was very heavy. He pulled his net and brought it on the shore but could not make out what his net caught. In the meantime the thing showed his form and said to Kaivart - "Do not be afraid, I am Rishi Chyavan. In fact I took the vow to live in the water for 12 years." Hearing this Kaivart got afraid, he asked for his forgiveness and asked him what he could do as a Praayashchit (atonement) for catching him. Chyavan Rishi said - "You catch fish to sell, and since you have caught me while you were catching your fish, so you should sell me too with your fish." Kaivart got  more afraid, he said - "What are you saying, O Rishi?" Rishi said - "Since I have been living in the water for many years these fish have been my friends and I cannot leave them just like that, so take me too with them."

Fearing the Rishi Kaivart went to Nahush and told the whole story to him. Nahush immediately got up and came to Rishi Chayavan. Rishi said to him - "These men have worked hard to pull me out of water so set a proper price on me and give it to them." Now it was the turn of Nahush to fear, he said - "What are you saying, how can I fix price of you?" The then a Rishi who was standing there came forward and offered his help to the King. He said - "This type of Rishi belong to the highest order. They are invaluable like a cow, so one cow should be a fair price of him." Chyavan also agreed at this suggestion. Nahush got a cow and gave it to Kaivart in exchange of the Rishi.

Nahush Becomes Indra
According to one version, he became Indra at one time. As he became Indra, he thought that he could have Indraanee (Shachee - Indra's wife). He sent a message to Indraanee that since he had become now Indra he was coming to her palace. Indraanee got worried but couldn't do anything. So she went to Dev Guru Brihaspati Jee and told him her problem. He suggested that she should ask him to come in a Paalakee (palanquin) which is carried by Rishi. So Indraanee sent the message to him that she was ready to meet him,  but she had a condition, that he should come in a palanquin which is carried by Rishi. In the happiness of meeting Shachee Nahush forgot that he should not ask Rishi to carry his palanquin.

He was just so very happy to hear that he would have Indraanee. He forgot all etiquettes and he asked some Rishi to carry his palanquin to Indra's palace. He forgot everything in that happiness and he employed a thousand Rishi to carry his palanquin. Since Rishi were not used to this work they were moving slowly. But Nahush was in hurry to meet Indraanee, so at one time he pushed Agastya Muni with his foot and said "Sarp, Sarp". Sarp in Sanskrit language means "hurry, hurry". Now "Sarp" means snake also, so Agastya Muni said - "You are calling us "Sarp, Sarp", you yourself become Sarp and fall on Prithvi." The same moment he turned into a Sarp (snake) and fell down on Earth. On asking forgiveness from Muni, Muni said - "You will be released from this Shaap when you will catch the mightiest person on the Earth and Yudhishthir will answer your all spiritual questions."

Nahush Meets Bheem and Yudhishthir
When Paandav were spending their 12 year period of exile in forest, once Bheem just went for seeing the forest, that he met an Ajagar (python). Nahush caught him in his coil and found him the mightiest man on the Earth. When Bheem did not come back for some time, Yudhishthir set off in search of him and came to the place where that serpent had caught Bheem. Nahush confirmed with Yudhishthir, that he was Yudhidhthir, and took promise that he would answer his questions so that he could get free from his curse, then only he freed Bheem. Nahush told his story to Yudhishthir and asked some questions on ethics and went to Swarg Lok. (MBH, G-4-Van/30)



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