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Balaraam was initially the son of Vasudev and Devakee, but later Bhagavaan's Yog Maayaa put that fetus in Vasudev's first wife Rohinee's womb by Sankarshan (pulling), that is why he is called Sankarshan also. He was the 7th son of Vasudev. It is believed that he was the Avataar of Shesh Naag. His one daughter's name is known - Vatsalaa, in whose love Abhimanyu (Arjun and Subhadraa's son) fell and married her with the help of his cousin Ghatotkach (Bheem's son).

Avataar of Shesh Naag
Shesh Naag is part of Vishnu and he always protects Him. He took Avataar to protect Vishnu twice, one in Tretaa Yug with Raam as His younger brother Lakshman, and in Dwaapar Yug with Krishn as His elder brother Balaraam.

It is said that when Vishnu was taking Avataar of Krishn, Shesh Naag requested Him that he wanted to be His elder brother this time. On asking "Why", he said - "When I was your younger brother, I had always to obey you and at several places and time I could not say anything to you being your younger brother, and that is why I could not protect you in my own way. This time if I will be your elder brother, at least being your elder brother I can order you if you make any mistake." Bhagavaan said - "Be it so." That is how with Krishn, he was born as His elder brother, although still he could not control Him from doing things He was doing.

Some Incidents of His Life

(1) In his childhood he killed one Daitya - Pralambaasur.

(2) Once Balaraam stayed with Duryodhan for a year and trained him in Gadaa fight.  In fact once Duryodhan invited Balaraam for food. Balaraam liked food very much, so Duryodhan used this weapon to catch hold him to train him in Gadaa feeding him very well. Balaraam was very much satisfied with his disciple, so he starting liking him very much and he always used to favor Duryodhan.

(3) At the same time Balaraam got very pleased with the progress of Duryodhan, so he asked him to ask for anything. This time Duryodhan asked him to marry his sister Subhadraa to him on advice of Shakuni. Balaraam accepted his proposal on the condition that if Subhadraa will agree for it, she will be married to him. And he came back to Dwaarakaa. He talked to his parents about Subhadraa's marriage, but Krishn guessed it right that Balaraam wanted to propose Duryodhan for her, so He postponed it for other time and in the meantime managed for Subhadraa Haran by Arjun. As Subhadraa was also in blind love with Arjun, so she readily agreed for this. After Arjun abducted her, Balaraam got very angry at Arjun. He sent his army to fight with him, but Arjun pushed all of them back. Then on Krishn's advice Balaraam called his brother-in-law (Arjun) back to Dwaarakaa and honored him as his relation and approved this marriage.

(4) Balaraam defeated Rukmee in dice game at the time of marriage of Pradyumn to Rukmee's daughter Rukmvatee. He was cheated, so he killed Rukmee.

(5) Balaraam did not want to be with anybody, Kaurav or Paandav, so at the time MBH war he went to Teerth Yaataa and returned on the last day of the war when Bheem and Duryodhan were about to fight near the pond. He witnessed it and did not approve Bheem's actions. During his Teerth Yaatraa he killed Soot Jee (Romharshan Jee) and gave all his Gyaan and powers to his son Ugrashravaa.



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