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There are two Andhakaasur.

(1) Andhakaasur
One was born out of Shiv's sweat and was born blind. Read about him HERE.

(2) Andhakaasur
The other Andhakaasur was the son of Kashyap and Diti. Once sage Kashyap’s wife Diti was saddened by the fact that each one of her sons died at the hands of Vishnu. So she requested her husband to grant her a boon by which she would beget a son who would be immortal.

We have never heard Diti having a son named Andhakaasur. She first had 2 sons - Hiranyaaksh and Hiranyakashyap. After their death, she had 49 sons Marud Gan,  but they joined Devtaa. It is believed that she had another son named Vajraang whose son is said to be Taarakaasur, but never heard of Andhakaasur as their son.

Sage Kashyap granted her a boon saying that no one except Lord Shiv will be able to kill him. Thus she begot a son Andhakaasur - meaning one who will act on his own whims. Knowing about his birth, Andhakaasur was proud of the fact that no one could kill him except Shiv. So he began to terrorize the Devtaa. Scared of Andhakaasur, they ran to sage Naarad Jee. They told him that only Lord Vishnu can kill Andhakaasur, so please tell your Lord to vanquish him in battle.

But Naarad Jee, instead of going to Lord Vishnu, went to meet Andhakaasur himself on his own. He wore a garland of “Mandar” flowers and met Andhakaasur, who welcomed him heartily. Andhakaasur was also attracted to the beauty and scent of the flowers and asked Naarad Jee that where he could find those flowers. Naarad Jee whose intention was to lure Andhakaasur with those flowers told him that he could find the flowers in the garden of Lord Vishnu. But the garden was guarded by Shiv’s bodyguards. Nobody could pluck these flowers when those guards were around.

“But I can.” boasted Andhakaasur. He then went with a big army and fought with Shiv’s bodyguards. Coming to know of this, Shiv Jee sent his Trishool (Trident) and killed Andhakaasur and thus the garden and Devtaa were saved.



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