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Chapter 17



17-Kshatravriddh, Raji etc Kings

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Pareekshit, Pururavaa had one son named Aayu. He had five sons - Nahush, Kshatravriddh, Raji, Rambh, and Anenaa. Kshatravriddh's son was Suhotra. He had three sons - Kaashya, Kush, and Grihatsmad. Grihatsmad's son was Shunak. The same Shunak's son was Shaunak Jee who was knowledgeable in Rig Ved. Kaashya's son was Kaashi, his son was Raashtra, his son was Deerghtamaa and his son was Dhanvantari. He is the same Dhanvantari who started Aayurved. He takes his share in Yagya and is the Ansh of Vaasudev. Only remembering him can cure all kinds of diseases.

Dhanvantari's son was Ketumaan and his son was Bheemarath. Bheemarath's son was Divodaas and his son was Dyumaan whose another name is Pratardan. He is famous with Shatrujit, Vats, Ritdhwaj and Kuvalayaaksh names also. Dyumaan's sons were Alark etc. Nobody else except Alark ruled for 66,000 years as a young person. Alark's son was Santati, his son was Suneeth, his son was Suketan, his son was Dharmketu and his son was Satyaketu. Satyaketu's son was Dhrishtketu, his son was Sukumaar, his son was Veetihotra, his son was Bharg and his son was Bhaargbhoomi. All these were born in the lineage of Kshatravriddh born from Kaashi. Rambh's son was Rabhas, his son was Gambheer, and his son was Akriya. Akriya's wife started Braahman Vansh. 

Now listen to Anenaa's Vansh. Anenaa's son was Shuddh, his son was Shuchi, his son was Trikkud and his son was Dharmsaarathee, His son was Shaantiraya. Shaantiraya was a great knower of Soul so he did not need any child. 

Aayu had a son named Raji and Raji had very brilliant 500 sons. At the request of Devtaa, Raji gave Swarg to Indra after killing Daitya. But they were always scared of Prahlaad etc Daitya enemies that is why they returned Swarg to Raji and requested him to guard them too. When Raji died, Raji's sons did not return Swarg to Indra, rather they themselves started to take share in Yagya. Then at the request of Indra, Guru Brihaspati Jee did a Yagya. Because of that Yagya they became A-Dharmee (non-religious) and Indra could kill all of them.

Kshatravriddh's grandson was Kush, Suhotra's son, had the son Prati, his son was Sanjaya and his son was Jaya, his son was Krit, his son was Haryavan, his son was Sahadev, his son was Heen, his son was Jayasen, his son was Sankriti and his son was Jaya. These were the kings in Kshatravriddh's Vansh. Now you listen to Nahush Vansh."



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