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Introduction to Yog-2

Yog are of two types in Indian astrology - Nitya Yog and Planetary Yog

Planetary Yog in Astrology
Combination of two or more specific things coming together - such as, when two or more planets come together and affect each other, it is called Yog. The astrologer may say - "The Yog of your Planets is such that, you will have to leave your home town and move to a foreign land (or city). You cannot escape."

Yog are also lucky or unlucky conjunctions of Planets or Stars - they are 10 in number --
(1) Vava, (2) Valav, (3) Kaulav, (4) Taitil, (5) Vanij, (6) Vishti, (7) Shakuni, (8) Chatushpad, (9) Kintughn, and (10) Naago-yog

There are some other types of Yog also - means combination, in Indian astrology. These combinations may be of anything - Nakshatra + Day; Day + eclipse; Nakshatra + Sankraanti etc etc. For example -
(1) Choodaamani Yog - If solar eclipse is on Sunday, or lunar eclipse is on Monday, it is called Choodaamani Yog. Bathing and donating during that time give eternal fruits.
(2) Guru Pushya Yog - Guru Pushya Yog was on 8th of August, 2002. This Yog is highly auspicious to perform any new thing and any Saadhanaa irrespective of the Muhoort prescribed; for it can be started from the time of a Guru Pushya Yog. It is supposed to be a thousand times more powerful. What is so special of this time is that Jupiter is passing through it's maximum exaltation point in Cancer Sign which happens only once in 12 years (as Jupiter's cycle is of 12 years), so apart from other things, till 15 September (but even till June 2003) it was highly auspicious time to appease Jupiter. And Guru Pushya Yog was also a Gaj Kesaree Yog that time.

(1) Ravi Yog
Ravi Yog are formed by the combination of Soorya Nakshatra and daily Nakshatra.

(2) Sarvaarth Siddhi Yog
These Yog are formed by the combination of Vaar and Nakshatra. These are considered auspicious for all types of tasks.

(3) Amrit Siddhi Yog
These Yog are formed by the combination of Vaaar and Nakshatra. These are also auspicious for all tasks. But if there is Panchamee on Sunday, Shashthee on Monday, Saptamee on Tuesday, Ashtamee on Wednesday, Navamee on Thursday, Dashamee on Friday and Ekaadashee on Saturday - then the Amrit Siddhi Yog become "Vish Yog". If Ashwinee is on Tuesday - it is prohibited for entering.

(4) Dwi-Pushkar Yog
This Yog is also formed by the combination of Tithi and Vaar and give double result in both profit and loss.

(5) Tri-Pushkar Yog
This Yog is formed by the combination of Vaar, Tithi and Nakshatra and give triple fruit in both profit and loss.

(6) Aanandaadi Yog
This Yog is formed by the combination of Vaar and Nakshatra and are 28 in number. They give fruits according to their names.

(7) Pushyaamrit Yog
This Yog is the combination of Pushya Nakshatra and Thursday. It is considered very auspicious, but it is prohibited for the purpose of marriage.

(8) Raaj Yog
These Yog are also formed by thecombination of Vaar, Tithhi and Nakshatra. These are auspicious for religious, Maangalik and Paushtik tasks.

(9) Kumaar Yog
These Yog are also formed by the combination of Vaar, Tithi and Nakshatra. They are good for friendship, education, Deekshaa, and the tasks of Graha and Vrat etc.

(10) Vyatipaat Yog
This Yog is Nitya Yog and is prohibited for all kinds of auspicious jobs.


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